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Developing and Teaching Innovative Strategies to


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We increase the success of leaders and organizations through alignment with organizational goals, management practices, and employee development.


Management Core Competencies

We offer custom workshops on Leadership, Productivity and Customer Service.  

Leadership Coaching

  We offer 1-on-1, onsite coaching, interactive activities and curated resources to help your team members excel in their people management, leadership, self-awareness, communication and productivity.

How to Reduce Quiet Quitting

We work with clients to understand the term "quiet quitting", how to identify it in your organization and provide a customized strategy to address it.


Organizations who understand their growth is dependent on the growth of their people.


Organizations experiencing high employee turnover.


Organizations going through leadership changes or succession planning.


Organizations struggling with a toxic culture.


Organizations going through a shift due to changes in their industry.


About Dayle


"I believe managers impact business outcomes and employees lives.  It can be positive or negative.   I’m determined and motivated that it be positive!"


Dayle is the CEO of Intentional Results. She brings 20 years of hands-on management and leadership experience to her coaching.  Her focus has been in the financial technology sector including 7x24 Cyber Security, Infrastructure Support, Help Desk, Compliance, Customer Service, and Consulting. She has developed leaders, business lines, and been involved in acquisitions.  

Dayle brings extensive and diverse experiences to her work as well as a passion for connecting and growing individuals and businesses.

Dayle can be reached at

The cost to replace an employee is 1.5 - 2 times their annual salary.  That means it costs $140,000 - $160,000 to replace an  $80,000 position

The cost of failed management

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